Forum Thread: How to Catch Jumbo Crayfish Perth WA Western Rock Lobster

How to catch Jumbo Crayfish Perth WA Western Rock Lobster.

Fishing for Jumbo Crayfish between Hillarys Boat Harbour and Direction Bank off the coast of Perth, Western Australia in 30 meters of water.

We built two Craypots for Leanne one out of Jarrah and one out of Pine. They have steel bottoms and double bait baskets. They were built to the Recreational Fishing for Rock Lobster Guide of Western Australia pot specifications. We use Tuna heads, Mackerel, Bonito, Sanmar and old fish frames for bait.

We seem to get the Jumbo size Crayfish around the 30 meter mark. The biggest Crayfish we ever caught was from the NorthWest of Rottnest Island.

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